Drive a LEGO® Mindstorms RCX Robot Over the Internet!


Have a question, concern, or other issue with using FaRCX? You're in the right place!

The Rover is moving without me doing anything!

Probably someone else is driving the rover at the same time as you. Check the Logs to confirm. You may want to try again later if several others are driving.

The Rover doesn't move when I press a button!

Probably this is a camera issue. Look for the rotating spaceman visible in the Earth-side (right-hand) camera feed. If the spaceman doesn't appear to be rotating, it's possible the camera isn't working (or the spaceman is dead). Try reloading the page.

If one or more camera feeds are working, or if reloading the page does not solve the camera issue, send us an email and we'll try to fix it as soon as possible.

The Rover won't stop!

This is rare, but it happens sometimes; we don't really know why yet. Get in touch and we'll do what we can.

I'm stuck on an object!

Try backing straight up; you're less likely to unstick yourself if you turn.

The Spaceman has stopped moving!

The rotating spaceman runs on a single AA battery, which has to be replaced about once a month. If the spaceman has stopped rotating, drop us a line and we'll get on it.

One or both of the camera feeds isn't working!

The two camera feeds work on entirely different technologies, so if neither is working it's probably a something on your end. Try reloading the page. If only one camera is down and reloading doesn't help, tell us and we'll look into it.

It's dark!

The Rover is physically located under a table in a spare bedroom. Usually, the room is uninhabited, so the Rover's dedicated flourescent light can remain on 24/7. However, it's sometimes necessary to turn the light off so that people can sleep. If it's nighttime in the eastern US, that's probably why. If the light remains off for several days at a time, John probably forgot to turn it back on. Bring it to our attention and it'll go back on soon.

I found a bug!

Open an issue on GitHub

I need to contact you!

For physical problems with the Rover or it's surroundings, problems with things malfunctioning (e.g., one of the camera feeds is down, or the robot isn't moving), or for other inquiries, send us an email. If you've found a bug in FaRCX, open an issue on GitHub.